своими руками
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Practical Ministry and English


MU 101, 102, 501, 502 Music Theory I, II
This course is designed to a deeper understanding of music principles which can be applied in singing and writing music.

MU 201, 503 Hymnology
This course traces the historical development of hymnody through the centuries of the Christian church. Specific hymn writers will be studied in depth. Study on the development of hymnody and presentation on hymn stories are discussed to enrich a local church's total worship experience through the effective use of hymn.

MU 204, 504 Church Music
A course deals with the use of music in the church activities throughout the centuries with a critical study. Primary concern is given to the use of music in worship services and christian education.

ENG 101, 102, 201, 202, 501, 502 English
This course is focusing on English reading, comprehensions, and writing skill. In this course it is included grammar, composition, reading comprehension, writing and series of vocabularies.

ENG 301, 601 TOEFL
This is introductory course for students to prepare for the TOEFL test and to help them maximize their score.

своими руками