своими руками
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Awards & Opportunities


KTCS gives out three major awards to the deserving students at the time of graduation every year.


A. The KTCS Academic Awards/Valedictorian

This award is granted to a member of the graduating class who, in the judgment of the faculty, has excelled in academic performance and shown the genuine commitment for the ministry of God during the three/four year of studies in KTCS. The selected student is given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduates at the Graduation.

B. Judson’s Award

Judson’s Award is given by Myanmar Baptist Convention. This award is given to a member of the graduating class who has shown his/her zeal for church ministry during the entire study in KTCS. The student is required to be sure of his/her ministry right after the graduation. This award is also based on the academic performance of the student.

C. Dr. Hkyen Naw Awards

This award is based upon the overall performance of the student during the study in KTCS. Further, the award is based on, in the judgment of the faculty, his/her well-balanced Christian character, scholarship, and spiritual leadership.

своими руками